The Rockets did it! Victory against the Bulls … the first in 32 days … after fifteen losses in a row … happy Thanksgiving!

It had become one of the biggest punchlines in the League. Each Rockets game was only synonymous with a new defeat to come, preferably in large widths, and not to spoil a coach who also gave more and more ground to grind to his detractors. November 24 is unlikely to be the launch pad for a successful season in Texas, but it will go down in the annals of the season anyway because, that’s it, the Rockets have finally won a basketball game. Incredible but true.

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The scenario could have been fatal to them, like every day after all, but this time Stephen Silas’ men did not want to be the victim. They didn’t want it anymore. Not this time. However, fate quickly hounded the Texans because barely time to tweet that Jalen Green seemed particularly dashing … that Jalen Green was eating a kind of crutch on a drive at the end of the first quarter and was forced to leave his friends for good. The Rockets just don’t have the right to be happy, so that’s what we all said to each other at that point in the game. Yet Houston is holding on, Chrsitian Wood takes up the challenge against the revenant Vucevic, Lonzo Ball continues his work tah Steph Curry but the return of Kevin Porter Jr. is also good for the Rockets, while the grumpy Eric Gordon and the very promising Alperen Sengun allow some 16,000 Toyota Center fans to pretend to believe it.

Delay of a few puntos at half-time, and to be honest we don’t really believe it either, even if the gap is tiny, even if Jalen Green put Alex Caruso in the sauce, even if on Wednesday Panzani anything goes. Everything is allowed that after half-time … the unthinkable will happen. From – 9 the Rockets will go to + 8, thanks to the invaluable help of Bulls in the role of Santa Claus but, above all, thanks to the strength of a group which had decided that tonight was the big night . The homemade detonator? Pay your pun: Danuel House. The old man will switch to 2018 mode after the break and register all of his 18 evening pawns, taking his whole young gang with him until he starts to make him believe in the impossible: winning this damn match, win a bloody match. Rockets so weaned from glory since the start of the season that most of the NBA community will take David’s side against the Goliath, and despite an end to the game spent scared and despite an Alex Caruso who did everything to leave Texas as a robber from Toyota, Eric Gordon, Danuel House Jr. or Garrison Matthews will finally put the shots necessary to validate the feat of the night, enormous breathing in a nightmarish start to the season and in a season that was taking more and more of the appearance of a season of shame.

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Shame ? Tonight it is more for the Bulls, unless you consider them on the contrary as the Good Samaritan who will have wanted to offer a little happiness to these poor Rockets. We imagine that Chicago will recover, we also tell ourselves that from tomorrow night the Rockets will probably continue to take beatings in packs of fifteen, but tonight in any case the magic has operated, and the fans present in the room will be able to boast a long time of being there on D-Day. Come on, drink guys, you deserve it.