The Role of the Guitar in Vanesa Martín’s Live Shows

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Vanessa Martin

Vanessa Martin is in full Spanish tour of pleasures and sins, his most recent album. In each of the musical appointments there are several factors that play an important role and that must be in agreement so that everything goes well. A dedicated public, a prepared team, an artist with overflowing emotion and a guitar connected to its owner.

This element, the guitar, is essential in malagueña live performances. In her networks Vanesa Martín tried to explain the role that this instrument plays in his tours. «She is my faithful confidant. In times of tour we see each other only at the concert, in a different city«He begins by saying about the guitar that accompanies him in his concerts.

Vanessa Martin
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«We give it our all and then each one on her own«, continued Vanessa Martin. As the lover of music that she is and of the sound of this instrument, she assures that precisely this piece is a great guitar and compares playing it with «caress paradise for a little while«.

The pleasures of Vanesa Martín

Playing the guitar surely falls into that section of ‘pleasures’ that the artist points out with her recent record release. As sure as it is to meet her audience at each appointment of this new tour. Her next stops are in Pamplona this Friday, June 2, and a day later, on June 3, in Valladolid. The ‘sin’ is not going to enjoy her live show, which will undoubtedly win you over.

In one of his last appointments with the public in Murcia, not even the rain was an impediment to enjoying a unique and special night. That’s how I remembered it Vanessa Martin on their networks the next day: «Not even the rain could resist our meeting. Although we were stronger and finally it was only you and me. Murcia, I adore you, thank you always for the passion and love that you keep for me. It’s reciprocal!”

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