The role of Wanda Nara in the career of Mauro Icardi

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In addition to the media scandal between Wanda Nara and, her client and husband, Mauro Icardi, the future of the footballer was put on the table, after the break with his wife and the sparks with Paris Saint Germain. A year after the marriage in 2014, the forward changed Abián Morano, his historical representative, for Nara and Argentine contracts became exorbitant.

Last post by Mauro Icardi with his wife and representative. Wanda Nara. Source: (Instagram)

Mauro Icardi He was loaned in 2011 to Sampdoria, a team in which he achieved promotion to Serie A in Italy and converted them to the powerful of Italy. Two years later, Inter Milan paid € 13 million for the pass and quickly became the team’s captain and scorer. In 2016, Wanda Nara achieved the first great success with her husband: Inter renewed him until 2020 with 4,500,000 euros per season, amount that would go up per year and that it was worth being the third highest paid footballer in Italy.

Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara, the media couple of the moment. Source. (Instagram)

However, the media conflicts of Wanda Nara with the neroazurros they managed to Icardi lose the captaincy first, and being considered, later; so the Argentine businesswoman worked on her transfer. At the end of the 2018-2019 season, Nara obtained the transfer of her husband in 120 million euros and 9 million per season that, with variables and prizes, reached 10 million. In addition, the businesswoman managed to get the Parisian club to pay her 3 million euros to represent the player.

Mauro Icardi He responded with goals in both Italy and France, however, the arrival of Lionel Messi relegated him from the starting team. While, Wanda Nara declared in Gente magazine: “I managed to get Mauro to go from worth 14 million to 250”. This excellent representative-player relationship that had great numbers in its few years, suffered a break this week due to the media separation and it is not yet known if Wanda Nara will continue with her role as representative after this storm passes.


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