The Rolls-Royce Phantom has undergone minor retouching, the rear seats are fabric on request

The opulent Rolls-Royce Phantom comes with a slightly rejuvenated look and interior. In addition to visual changes, it also offers several practical ones. The drive unit remains unmodified.

Who would want to change something about the majestic V12 engine, which is a fast-dying species even on brands like Rolls-Royce? Therefore, the Phantom is still powered by the same unit, and the manufacturer has prepared modifications primarily for the appearance of the car and its interior. From the outside, you can see the dark border of the front grille on the Phantom Series II, as well as the black framing of the windshield and side windows. These modifications are available on request, both for the standard length car and the Extended version. A polished partition has been added to the meat, which optically connects the daylight lines.

The graphics of the headlights were also slightly rejuvenated, which in its lower part resembles a starry sky, which can imitate the upholstery of the ceiling in the car. Following the example of the smaller Ghost model, those interested can also choose the backlight of the front mask. A novelty is the cast wheels, reminiscent in their style of wheel discs from the 1920s. On request, they come in two versions – polished and black lacquered. Also new are wheels with a geometric design, which can be completely or partially polished. The other discs on offer have been slightly modified.

The most interesting element of the interior of the Phantom Series II are the rear seats are optionally covered with fabric, while the front seats can remain upholstered in leather. In addition, the material is not ordinary, as it combines a quality fabric from Italy with a fabric made of bamboo fibers. These new seats, as well as other interior details, now feature an abstract design of the Spirit of Ecstasy statue, which Rolls-Royce cars carry on the bow.

For those owners who like to drive their own Rolls-Royce, the manufacturer has prepared a thicker steering wheel rim. And where would we be today without some form of connectivity? The carmaker therefore added the Rolls-Royce Connected service to the Phantom Series II, which is provided by the Whispers application. Through it, the driver or owner can send the address of the destination before the trip to the car, remotely check the position of the car and the state of its security, or its technical condition