The romans are addicted to your smartphone. Almost 80% of them use it before bed

A study conducted by Huawei and PLASTER look how attached are the romans of their mobile phone.

Huawei has conducted a study together with the international company market research, IPSOS, collecting data from 12 countries, including Romania. The purpose of this research was analyzing the behavior of users in terms of smartphones over the course of 24 hours.

the Study shows that 79% of romanians use your smartphone before bed to read emails, and check social media accounts and incoming messages, while the 64% do this when they wake up.

This is one of the reasons that 60% of the romans get their phones when they put it in the bed and 1 in 10, or approximately 11% of them, I admit that I sleep with the phone next to her.

Huawei has also conducted a survey titled “Customer intelligent” to analyze, on average, the “relationship” that a user has with your smartphone or.

the Results of the study demonstrate that 59% of romanians check their phone several times in the course of an hour, the habit of use consisting in the search for different information, using the device for entertainment, surfing Social Media or in the browser, reading the news and connecting to the system of the Home Bank.

Thus, the research demonstrates clearly how “attached” are the romans of their smartphone.

the Study identified that 87% of romanians have need of smartphone for sending text messages, as 72% use the phone for capturing photos and, of course, is that 79% use phone for checking social networks.

also, the research found that 56% of respondents acknowledge that they have smartphones with them more than 13 hours per day, while 27% use the smartphone in an active 3-4 hours/day.

If there is absolutely no surprise that we check our phone when we are sailing among the applications, when we’re in the office or when we’re at home, the study reveals surprising results on the places where the romans use most often phone, the study concluding that 66% use the phone when I’m in the kitchen and 47% when it is in the children’s room.

In conclusion, the research conducted for the Huawei looks like, nowadays, most of us would feel lost if we would not have the smartphone with them.

we’re so attached to him that I was checking several times a day, and the first and last thing we do every day is to access the phone.

Among them, smartphones are used to surf the Internet, read e-mails, as well as to make calls and send text messages. It is no wonder that 95% of the romanians can always take your phone when you leave home.

Approximately 50% of the romanians surveyed confess that they back out of the way if they forget their phone, even if this causes them to be late to work.

the market Research was made for Huawei by Ipsos and was performed in January 2018 on the following markets: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech republic, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey.

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