The royal board of trustees will meet on July 25 in Santiago | Radio Galicia

In 1991 the Royal Board of the City of Santiago de Compostela was born, from the reformulation of an organism that, as such, had already existed since 1964. Its main objective is to coordinate and promote the actions of the Government of Spain, Xunta de Galicia and Santiago City Council, aimed at the preservation and revitalization of the city of Santiago de Compostela and its cultural heritage.l. The executing body for the actions established by the Royal Board of Trustees is the Consortium of the city of Santiago de Compostela, established in 1992. That is the declaration of intent that appears on the Santiago consortium page.

No meeting had been held in 18 years, is now called for July 25, a meeting that will take place at the hostel dos reis católicos.

The meeting of the royal board of trustees will be chaired by the King and the president of the government is expected to participate Pedro Sanchez in case your international agenda allows it.

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