“has Not been received at the House of His Majesty no offer from the RAAPPS to take up with the rent Elisabeta Palace. Have not started the talks between the House of His Majesty the Custodian of the Crown and the RAAPPS on this topic. After the date of 5 February 2018, your Majesty Margaret, Keeper of the Crown, will act according to the legislation in force. His majesty expresses the hope that the partnership with State institutions will continue, for as the activities of the Royal Family in supporting the fundamental interests of Romania to take place in the future, as happened for 20 years,“ reads the press release of the Royal household, published by Antena 3.
“His Majesty Margarita, Custodian of the Crown, reaffirms its angajajmentul to carry on the covenant of his father, King Michael, to the Crown and to the Nation, now and in the future”, it says in that document.
Government Position
Prime minister Mihai Tudose announced that the Government has given negative opinion to the project through which the Royal House received the Elisabeta Palace for 49 years, especially after its representatives have come up with a “request to hire a little weird” by which they wanted a year to stay for free in the building, and then to be able to take another decision, such as leaving.
“We have received a request for rental, a thing a little bit strange, that they are willing to pay any rent, but with a grace period of a year, i.e. a year not to pay. If in time this will pass a law that they have the right to use it for free, obviously that goes away that contract of lease and shall enter on the bill. If not it will give, they can always terminate the contract. I mean we’re a year away for free on here and we’ll see what we’re doing. Don’t go,“ said Mihai Tudose, Wednesday, at Antena 3.
By the way, the prime minister had several ironies related to the claims of the heirs of the former king Mihai. “I understand that everything they had claimed they had claimed. You took the Peles, you got Săvârșinul? Don’t know it all, they received, with some small woods, with some woods, some fields. More claim next?“ he said Tudose.

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