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Home Entertainment The royalties of R. Kelly have been seized to pay his rent

The royalties of R. Kelly have been seized to pay his rent

The singer R. Kelly – WENN

Although R. Kelly has repeatedly stated that he is no longer able to pay anything, it did not stop the artist's funder from getting money where it was left. According to the documents obtained by
The Blast, Sony still owes $ 264,535 royalties to the singer plunged into turmoil since the broadcast of the documentary Surviving R. Kelly.

And the record company will certainly not have any trouble if the court orders the freeze of this sum in favor of Midwest Commercial Funding to whom the singer still owes money.

still profitable

In fact, R. Kelly owed a total of $ 173,855.08 to Midwest Commercial Funding, an amount corresponding to the unpaid rent of the recording studio rented by the artist in Chicago. In addition, the lessor having already obtained the seizure of 154,527,22 dollars on one of the bank accounts of the artist, he claims only 52,431,55 dollars of these royalties in order to pay off this debt.

It will therefore remain to the interpreter of I Believe I Can Fly just over $ 100,000, which should not be of much help to him in view of the trial in which he is
charged with aggravated sexual assault.




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