The rue des Grandes-Filles-Dieu in Chartres is now a one-way street

The signs warning about the future one-way street of the rue des Grandes-Filles-Dieu had already been in place for some time.

But there were still many motorists who wanted to join Champhol, this Monday, July 29, to come up against the no-way sign at the bottom of the street.

A few, a little nervous, still decided to defy the signage.

One way on the downhill

The implementation of the one-way street in this busy street, responds to a promise from the municipality, with the aim of a “peaceful city”, according to Guillaume Bonnet, the deputy mayor in charge of the living environment.

Update on the actions implemented under the “peaceful city” program in Chartres

From now on, motorists who wish to join Champhol will have to make a detour via rue du Bourg-Neuf, then follow avenue Beaurepaire and finally take rue Gabriel-Loire, which has been redeveloped.

Redevelopment of rue Gabriel-Loire

Bus line N ° 2 is also diverted by this same route.

In the descending direction, from Champhol towards Chartres, now in one direction, nothing changes.

New habits to take, therefore, for motorists in Chartres, after the modification of the traffic plan for rue de Fresnay, and the passage to 30 km / h throughout the city.

A change of habits accompanied, as often, by a few gnashing of teeth, like this nurse, late for her appointment: “I followed the indications of my GPS, I fell on a blocked road, and now facing a forbidden direction! “

She wasn’t the only one. Several other motorists resolved to turn around, without managing to hide their annoyance.

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The experiment should last until the end of the year, before knowing whether it will be perpetuated or not.

Jacques Joannopoulos