the rules, the candidates, the costumes … A point on this emission phenomenon!


The new show "Mask Singer" presented by Camille Combal has been buzzing for a few days before it even started! This show, highly anticipated by viewers, retains many secrets that you surely do not know about … We explain everything!

What are the rules of the game "Mask Singer"?

A jury of investigators, composed of Kev Adams, Jarry, Alessandra Sublet and Anggun will be the master of this new show, cut in six shows. Twelve celebrities, for the moment anonymous, will be hidden under imposing costumes. They can be singers, comedians, sportsmen and even politicians and will sing in front of the public and the jury. Before each performance, a video containing clues about the hidden celebrity is broadcast. What increase the excitement of viewers, jurors and the public.

Once their performance is over, they must try to guess who is hiding under his extraordinary costumes. Unicorn, cupcake, peacock, bee, the candidates will appear in all forms. Investigators will even have the right to ask candidates a few questions in order to get some clues. But the voice of the mystery man or woman will be changed electronically to answer questions and leave as few clues as possible. Among the losers of the duels, one will be eliminated at the end of the show and will remove his mask. Surprises guaranteed! More details right here.

Who is hiding under these extravagant costumes?

Obviously big stars are expected by the French public. One of them would have gathered "millions of moviegoers", another would have sold "more than 100 million records". We think compulsorily to a great star of the French song, or why not international … Who knows? But that's not all, one of the mysterious participant would have won "50 national and international medals", while another would have "gathered more than a billion viewers"A beautiful casting so! More details right here.

How could they keep the secret?

An anti-fraud device has been put in place by the production of "Mask Singer". It mainly concerns guest stars, the host Camille Combal, the director of Mask Singer, but also the audience. People who have the chance to be part of them had to leave their phone in the cloakroom so that no information comes out of the shooting.

But that's not all, the participating stars had to shoot during the whole shoot, with big opaque sweaters on which we could read "Do not talk to me" is "Do not speak to me". Celebrities were constantly escorted by bodyguards to prevent anyone from approaching them.

Where do these incredible costumes come from?

The production put the package level costumes. Each of them asked between 300 and 400 hours of work, for a budget ranging from 20,000 to 45,000 euros. Huge no?

Among those hiding behind the making of these disguises, Marie-France Larrouy is behind the famous panda Chantal Goya and costumes of Asterix and Obelix. Since March, a team of about twenty people has been involved in the realization of these tailor-made outfits. They all confirmed that it was a real success.

A worldwide success … What were the stars of the other editions?

A season is currently in preparation in Great Britain, but "Mask Singer" has already been broadcast in the United States but also in Australia and Germany. Among the celebrities who participated, we can note Tori Spelling, the actress who played the role of Donna in "Beverly Hills 90210", singer LaToya Jackson, sister of Michael Jackson or Rumer Willis, the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

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The big winner of this edition was the American rapper T-Pain, who was disguised as Sully, of "Monsters and Co.". In the Mexican edition, the winner was Vadhir Derbez, who was seen in the series "Gossip Girl: Acapulco" or "Sense8".

More details in the video.


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