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The Russian national team has risen to a record number of places in the FIFA ranking – Sport

TASS, August 16. / TASS /. Team Russia by entering the quarterfinals of the World Cup – 2018 in the ranking of the International Football Federation (FIFA) in the 49th place, the team has 1410 points. This is reported by the press service of FIFA.

The Russian team overcame the record number of places in the rating (21). In the June version the team held a record low for itself 70th place. In July, the rating was not published.

World Champion – 2018, the French team (1726) topped the rankings, rising to six places, the bronze medalist of the tournament team of Belgium (1723) rose from third to second place, the top three were closed by the Brazilians (1657). Finalists World Cup 2018 Croats (1643) climbed 16 positions and are in fourth place. Team England (1615), who finished fourth in the tournament, rose from 12th to 6th place. Leading up to August in the ranking of the national team of Germany for the first time since 2005 flew out of the top ten, the Germans (1561), who completed the World Cup in the group stage, take 15th place.

Russians at the home world championship reached the quarterfinals, where he lost to the Croats (2: 2, 3: 4 – penalty). This is the best result of the team in the history of the tournament. At the group stage, the Russians outplayed Saudi Arabia (5: 0) and Egypt (3: 1) and lost to Uruguayans (0: 3). In the 1/8 finals Russian players in the series of penalty shoot-outs defeated the Spaniards (1: 1, 4: 3).

Prior to this, the biggest jump in the rating was dated October 2010. After guest wins in the qualifying round of the European Championship – 2012 over the teams of Andorra and Ireland, the Russians lost 15 matches in the home match against the Slovak national team. In many respects, the rise was due to the non-participation of the team in the final round of the World Cup 2010. In particular, Russia, because of non-participation for nine months in official games, lost in the September ranking record since 1998, nine seats.

After the first successful performance of the team at a major tournament – the European Championships – 2008, at which the Russians reached the semi-finals – it jumped 13 positions (the best score at that time). Since 2011, Russia has not risen above six positions at the end of the month.

Two-year anti-record

From February to October 2016, the Russian team dropped from 23rd to 56th place (before this the worst figure was dated 1998 – 40th line). In the future, Russia several times renewed the anti-record. The national team only managed to improve its position a few times, but hardly noticeable – the team climbed one or two lines at most.

In many respects this was due to the fact that the team did not play in official matches for two years, with the exception of the Confederations Cup. In this regard, the rating has repeatedly been criticized, as it did not reflect the real balance of forces in world football. In fact, the host team of the World or European Championship was in a known losing position due to the fact that for two years only comradely matches could be held that had little value in the rating.

After the World Cup – 2018, FIFA changed the scoring system, and therefore the July rating was never published. The new system was adopted in June this year. Part of the innovation was due to the emergence of the League of Nations – a new tournament of the Union of European Football Associations, designed to replace friendly matches. Also, the new system was introduced so that the host teams of the world or another major tournament teams would lose their positions in the ranking more slowly, as the victories over strong teams, even in friendly matches, are now estimated by a large number of points.

According to the new system, friendlies outside the "windows" of the calendar for international matches (0.5) are considered the smallest, followed by companionable games within the "windows" (1.0), matches of the group stage of the League of Nations (1.5 ), matches of the playoffs of the same tournament (2.5) and qualifying meetings of continental and world championships (2,5). The greatest ratio is judged matches of the final stage of the world and continental championships – from 3.5 to 6.0.

The system of scoring points for results has also changed. Now for the victory will be given 1 point, for a draw – 0.5, defeat – 0. Defeat in the playoffs of the final stages of the tournaments will not be taken into account. The system excludes the calculation of the average number of points scored by the team for the year, the coefficient of confederations, points for defeat and victory in the penalty shootout, but the opponent's strength is taken into account.

The next match, the Russian team will hold in the League of Nations. September 7, Russian players on the road will play against the Turkish team.

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