The Russian ship that “challenges” the US aircraft carrier: high voltage in Calabria

Ever since Turkey banned Russian ships from crossing the Bosphorus, Putin’s fleets have had to explore alternative routes to continue the invasion of Ukraine. One of these roads is precisely “our” Mediterranean, where Russian vessels are venturing, despite the presence of US or NATO ships. A satellite image taken yesterday, Thursday 7 April, and posted on Twitter, gives an idea of ​​the tension that reigns, even in the waters that bathe our country.

The shared snapshot from HI Sutton Covert Shores’ profile shows the Truman, a US aircraft carrier, being chased by a Kusakov destroyer. A challenge that took place not far from the coasts of Calabria, a message from the Kremlin as also underlined in the post accompanying the image: “The increase in the forces of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean can be seen as the external defense for the invasion of the Ukraine. Russia had planned to send him to the Black Sea, but Turkey has closed the access. “

The aircraft carrier Truman is the flagship of the western deployment in the Mediterranean and carries F18 Hornet fighter-bombers that in a few minutes would be able to take off and intervene in the areas where the conflict is taking place. The Kusarov, on the other hand, is a Soviet-era ship flanked by the cruiser Varyag and equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles. At the moment, Russia has deployed two cruisers, two fighters, two frigates, a corvette and a submarine in the Mediterranean. nuclear powered.