He ignored utility bills because of problems at home

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A resident of the Ural village Shchelkun Mikhail Neuimin became almost a national hero, after he was able to force the public utilities not only to correct the shortcomings, but also sued 720 thousand rubles from them. At the same time, the man’s family didn’t pay for housing and utility services for several years, requiring repair.

The Russian who did not pay for communal services over the years sued 720 thousand housing and communal services

photo: Elizaveta Klushina

Neuimin himself told the portal 66.RU that the story began 7 years ago when he and his family bought an apartment in a two-story house on Mira Street. When the first frost struck in the fall, ice stalactites began to grow in the toilet, children's room and the hall, streams flowed from the ceiling in the kitchen, and because of this, the walls were blackened and covered with mold. In addition, Michael had to constantly close up the emerging through-slits on the street under the window and in the corners of the apartment.

Neuimin failed a normal conversation with the head of the Yuzhnoe local utilities sector, Nikolai Kapustin. After that, Mikhail stopped paying for housing and communal services, and his wife called the reception of the Russian president, after which the head of the housing and communal services came down with a heart attack to the hospital for two months. However, in the apartment the men completely changed the pipes and gave heating. But the seams between the plates remained unfinished.

Neuimin continued to ignore the utility bills, although the debt to the house of time was already accumulated by 153 thousand rubles. As a result, representatives of the housing and communal services "Southern" filed a lawsuit against him. Then the debt has already increased to 200 thousand rubles. The public utilities won that court and automatically wrote off all salary and vacation pay to repay the debt from Mikhail’s cards.

After that, Neuimin attracted lawyers and experts and filed a lawsuit against public utilities for unfair maintenance at home. The hearings lasted for almost six months and as a result, the Uralets sued 720 thousand rubles from the housing and utilities sector. He called it an unprecedented case.

“Of course, when we started everything, I didn’t believe in a positive outcome for us, but I really wanted to teach the officials a lesson. After hearing the court’s decision, the neighbors met with open arms and even decorated the entrance with balloons,” said Neuimin.

At the same time, in the housing and communal services "Yuzhnoye" they stated to the publication that during this time Neuimin never made repairs. They also said that the rest of the residents had no gaps in the slabs, although the plates were the same. The representative of public utilities added that he did not believe the examinations, which were carried out on the order of Neuimin, and noted that the court’s decision would be challenged.



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