The Russians gave up the fight. They reveal the reason. The recording went around the network – o2

Much has been said about the troubles of the Russian army since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to war reports and talks intercepted by the Ukrainian side, Putin’s soldiers are to face problems with supplies and logistics. The reality of the war terrified many of them. The Russian president, sending his countrymen to the front, persuaded them that they would only participate in a “special military operation”, and the Ukrainians would welcome them as liberators.

Russian mercenaries give up the fight

The clash with reality must have been painful. Ukraine is defending itself on the 81st day, and since the beginning of the invasion, Russian troops have lost around 27.2 thousand people, according to the Ukrainian services. soldiers. Many Russians lose their motivation to fight their neighbor and want to return to Russia. This is evidenced by, inter alia, new recording, posted on Twitter by Ukrainian officer Anatoly Shtefan, known under the pseudonym “Stirlitz”.

In the video, a group of Russian mercenaries complain about the conditions in the army. They claim that they were sent to Ukraine “for slaughter”, and after arriving in the territory of the so-called The Luhansk People’s Republic were “misused”.

We volunteered for a special operation, but they sent us to the front without training. And now we don’t have the money to go home, they say.

From the words of the mercenaries it appears that they escaped from the military ranks. “They thought they would be greeted with flowers, but in fact they became cannon fodder,” commented Sztefan in a Telegram post.

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