The Russians want Moskvich back, according to the survey

Only domestic production

Moscow City Hall has been talking about the resumption of production of Moskvich cars since the French carmaker Renault decided to leave the factory there. It was in response to the Russian attack on Ukraine. Renault has sold its stake to AvtoVAZ, but is entitled to a preferential repurchase if the sanctions end. The carmaker is now in the hands of the NAMI Institute, which belongs to Moscow City Hall.

The Kamaz company, which has so far mainly built trucks, is to help with the production of classic cars with an internal combustion engine. It will be the technology partner of the renewed brand. The aim is to ensure a supply chain with maximum representation of Russian companies. Even the production of an electric car is planned, but so far it is more of a vision than a specific model.

Moskvich was one of the legendary Soviet cars. Passenger cars have been manufactured under this brand since the end of World War II, the first model was the Moskvich 400. More modern cars, such as the Moskvich 427, 2137 or 2141, also appeared on the roads of Czechoslovakia. Production survived the collapse of the Soviet Union by only ten years. The last model was Moskvich 2142, which ceased production in 2001.