The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip pinned for too high a level of emission of waves

The ANFR (National Frequency Agency) has pinned two smartphones that did not meet the standards for SAR (specific absorption rate). The two phones in question: the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the Wiko Y82. The “trunk” SAR exceeded the regulatory limit of 2 W/kg for the first (2.502 W/kg) and the second exceeded the 4 W/kg authorized for the “limb” SAR (4.01 W/kg), detailed the instance, in its press release published on Friday 18 November.

As part of its missions to monitor the radio equipment market and control public exposure to electromagnetic waves, the ANFR had carried out these measurements with an accredited laboratory in order to verify the compliance of these telephones with European requirements. . These requirements imply that the terminals are evaluated at a maximum distance of 5 mm and must comply with the regulatory values ​​of 2 W/kg for the localized “trunk” SAR and 4 W/kg for the localized “limb” SAR.

Given formal notice by the French airwaves policeman, pursuant to article L43 II bis of the postal and electronic communications code, Samsung and Wiko indicated that they had made updates to comply. A persistence of the non-compliance of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone has nevertheless been highlighted. A second update therefore had to be carried out and the manufacturer was fined an administrative fine of €7,500.

“The update is automatically released (…)

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