The sanitary certificate to export bovine meat from Argentina was agreed with Mexico

Buenos Aires – The health services of the Argentina y Mexico they agreed on Sanitary certificate that will accompany beef exports towards the country of North America.

In what constitutes a new step to start Argentine beef exports to Mexico, the National Agrifood Health and Quality Service (Senasa) It sent its counterpart from the Aztec country, the National Service for Health, Safety and Food Quality (Senasica), the sanitary certificate with the requirements that both parties were agreeing on.

Mexico opened its market to Argentine beef on November 11, in what was the conclusion of a negotiation that lasted for more than eight years.

Last July, a Senasica delegation carried out a comprehensive audit visit to the beef production and processing system where, accompanied by Senasa professionals, they toured breeding farms, laboratories and industrial establishments.

In addition to the opening of its market, Mexico enabled 22 processing plants in Argentina to export bovine meat products.

The final step towards the start of shipments is the agreement between both health services on the animal health requirements of the health certificate that will guarantee exports.

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