The Saudi Ministry of Commerce defames a Jordanian and decides to deport him

Khabarni – The Saudi Ministry of Commerce has declared a Saudi and a Jordanian resident (with his deportation) after a court ruling was issued convicting them of committing the crime of commercial concealment in insurance brokerage services.

The details of the case relate to the seizure of the case of cover-up and it was proven that the Saudi citizen enables the Jordanian resident to work for his own account to engage in brokerage services activities and his direct dealings with institutions, companies and individuals as an insurance agent without a license.

It also became clear that the volume of his financial transactions did not match his profession (labor) with a salary of three thousand riyals per month, and the deposit and transfer of funds resulting from his illegal activity.

The Saudi Ministry published the ruling issued by the Criminal Court in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, which includes imposing a fine on violators and defaming them at their expense, in addition to the ancillary penalties prescribed by law, which are closing the facility, liquidating the activity, writing off the commercial register, preventing the covert from engaging in commercial activity, and collecting zakat and fees and taxes, and expelling the Jordanian concealed one from Saudi Arabia and not allowing him to return to it to work.

It is noteworthy that the national program to combat cover-up has adopted modern mechanisms that contribute to restricting the sources of cover-up and eliminating the shadow economy, where 20 government agencies are working to control concealment using artificial intelligence techniques, data and information analysis, and inflict regular penalties that reach five years in prison, and a fine of five million riyals. Seizure and confiscation of illegal funds after final court rulings have been issued against those involved.

Here are the details: