The scary video of the white shark attacking a seabird

Luis Javier SandovalGetty Images

A video that is making the rounds of the web shows the footage, made by a team of scientists, who along the coasts of New Zealand, in Oceania, are committed to approaching and studying the behavior of great white sharks.

With a lure left a few meters from their boat, and a huge “ruler” made specifically for these bizarre operations, the researchers have a simple goal: to bring one of the large specimens closer and measure it by taking photos from above. The measurement does not require the capture of the predator, as soon as the animal is next to the large ruler with notches the photo taken with the drone will show precisely how long it is: each notch in fact corresponds to about thirty centimeters.

Here comes the shark, it is a great female of “Great white”, as they call it in these parts, and it seems to be hunting. For a moment the animal is positioned precisely where the team of researchers would like to take the photo and here, in a few seconds, the scholars realize that it is an animal four meters long. But then, in a moment, something unexpected happens …

white shark, shark attacks, shark attacks bird

Stephen FrinkGetty Images

The shark sinks and then, in a few seconds, returns to the surface of the water as if it were to jump out, but it is an ambush: it has aimed at a large seabird.

It doesn’t happen that often that large sharks feed on birds in this way and it happens even more rarely that there is a video of this hunt. But here it is, supplied, by chance, by the same drone that the scientists were using for their measurements.

The video of this very particular hunting scene, that of the shark attacking a seabird, immediately went viral.

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