The scenarios for №1 in the WTA and ATP after the end of the Australian Open – TennisKafe

Grand Slam tournaments also bring with them a huge number of points for the rankings, so it is on them that there are great opportunities for change at the top of the rankings. So it is at the Australian Open. The Melbourne race starts with Ashley Barty and Novak Djokovic as №1 in the WTA and ATP, but two women’s tennis players and two men’s tennis players have at least a theoretical chance to climb to the top after the tournament.

In the following lines we consider these possibilities:


For three consecutive seasons, Ashley Barty has finished the year under №1. This week is the 104th consecutive in which the Australian led the WTA, which is the fifth longest series in history.

Barty climbed below №1 for the first time on June 24, 2019 and is very likely to stay there after the race in Melbourne. However, there are two tennis players with a chance to overtake her – Arina Sabalenka and Barbora Kreychikova.

Sabalenka will need at least a final to achieve this as much as possible and this is not enough.

  • If Barty reaches the quarterfinals, Sabalenka will have to win the title
  • If Barty reaches the final, Sabalenka cannot climb below №1

With Kreichikova also reaching the first position goes through a minimum final in Melbourne.

  • If Barty reaches the third round or Sabalenka reaches the final, Kreichikova will become №1 only in the title
  • If Barty reaches the semifinals, Kreichikova cannot climb below №1


For men, the situation is even simpler. Daniil Medvedev and Alexander Zverev have a chance to overtake Novak Djokovic, and this can only happen with the title of one of the two.