The school of journalism in Grenoble is indignant at "hate speech" published by a group of former students


In a press release, the School of Journalism Grenoble (EJDG) explains having "learned with amazementThe existence of this Facebook group created three years ago by students – deleted on Monday after the revelations of "the League of LOL" – on which "several others" had been "the target of disparagement" and of "hateful".

Tuesday, three former students of the school unveiled on Twitter the actions of their friends on "Ultim-hate", a private group on the social network Facebook where fifteen comrades promotions – boys and girls – regularly published taunts in targeting other students. "I ended up leaving the group Facebook promo promo of my school of journalism after being the target of some acting like this #LigueduLOL that we discover all with fright since Friday", Said Sunday on his Twitter account Marylène Lapichino, a former student of the institution. "Harassment under the guise of humor that we would not be cool enough to understand, it starts even before entering the newsroomAdded the young woman, who left the EJDG two years ago.

Since then, the testimonies have succeeded each other within the establishment, pushing the direction to the organization on Tuesday evening of a meeting with all the students "to discuss these drifts and how to prevent them from happening in the future".



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