The scooter driver first ran into the police, then crashed and wanted to run away

The event took place at night in Ostrava-Třebovice. The drunken biker drew attention to himself with the style of his driving. He did not respond to the call to stop, on the contrary, he accelerated and began to zigzag.

“With his frantic ride, the biker set out on a sidewalk, a meadow, but also a cycle path. The men of the law wanted to prevent the driver from driving again with a police roadblock, but that didn’t help either, “said police spokeswoman Eva Michalíková on Friday, adding that at one point the driver approached the police so much that they had to jump.

He then crashed and tried to hide in the woods. “Within a short time, the suspect had handcuffs on his hands and was taken to the ward. This is a 35-year-old recidivist who has 11 criminal records. He also had a valid ban on driving all motor vehicles, “the spokeswoman added.

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