The scrupulous displacement of Justin Trudeau in France


During a two-day visit to France, the Canadian Prime Minister intends to make us forget the fiasco of his previous diplomatic trip to India. Emmanuel Macron reserved for him the honors of the Assembly.
Justin Trudeau makes his first official trip to France. The head of the Canadian government will remain two days in France. His program is loaded. The Canadian leader, whose country chairs the G7 this year, will meet with French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday. According to a senior Canadian official, they will discuss in particular bilateral trade, in the context of the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), entered “provisionally” in effect in October; and the environment, with the implementation of the Paris Agreement in the background. Justin Trudeau will also have a “series of high level meetings”, participate in a ceremony at the Invalides and inaugurate the new Canadian Embassy in Paris, just steps from the Elysee Palace. He will be accompanied by his Minister of International Trade François-Philippe Champagne, added the Canadian source.
“It’s always a pleasure to work with Emmanuel.”
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in “Les Échos”

Arrived Sunday, the Canadian should display for the occasion its close proximity to Emmanuel Macron. “We are totally aligned on these issues but also on other issues, be it positive engagement with the world, whether climate change, be it the international order, or the work for peace and Security. It’s always a pleasure to work with Emmanuel, “says Canadian Prime Minister in The echoes . In return, the French renders it well since it is the first time in the history of the Fifth Republic that a Canadian head of government will speak at the Palais Bourbon on Tuesday. Only twenty foreign heads of state were entitled to this honor. The Indian faux pas Justin Trudeau will then fly to London from April 17 to 20. He is scheduled to meet his British counterpart Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth II, Canada’s head of state. He must also attend the meeting of Commonwealth Heads of Government. On the occasion of this visit to Europe, Justin Trudeau will be keen to forget the fiasco of his previous trip to India last February. During the week spent there, the head of the Canadian government was snubbed by most of the country’s political class. The Trudeau family had failed to increase the number of visits to monuments and receptions, attracting taunts for their appearances in traditional dress. »READ ALSO – More than high-tech jobs, Canada is focusing on small jobs A little misstep could this time be expensive for him to return to Canada. The head of government, which was Saturday at the Summit of the Americas in Lima, has already been forced to make an unplanned stopover Sunday in Ottawa to try to resolve a political crisis related to oil, which is a major producer country. The opposition parties had asked him to cancel his trips abroad. The US proponent of the project, to which the prime minister is particularly concerned, is threatening to abandon it because of fierce opposition from the province of British Columbia. Alberta, the heart of the Canadian oil industry, has threatened the neighboring province with “very aggressive” economic retaliation, leaving the risk of an unprecedented constitutional crisis. Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau will be in Canada for the G7 summit on June 8 and 9 in La Malbaie on the St. Lawrence River, Quebec. (With AFP)


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