Moscow. 4 August. INTERFAX.RU – Four people – a man, a local resident, visiting mothers and two children, four and 16 years old, – crossed the river in bad weather in the Khosta district of Sochi, the Sochi press service said on Friday.

“For reasons that have not been clarified, adults and two children have not used the bridge nearby, at a time when, after heavy rainfall, the water level in the river and the speed of the current increased rapidly.” As a result, all four were blown downstream, “the press service said. .

The woman managed to get out on her own, after which she informed the rescuers that her two children and a relative had disappeared. Later, rescuers found a man. He suffered a head injury, but refused hospitalization.

“Children are now looking for more than 400 people, of which 30 rescuers, 250 police officers, about 40 rogvardeytsev.The city administration to search for the missing attracted about 40 Cossacks and 50 volunteers,” the press service said.

On the place where the river flows into the sea, four floating vessels are on duty with the employees of the Southern Regional Search and Rescue Unit of the Ministry for Emergency Situations, the Internal Affairs Department for Transport and Morport.

“The search for the missing will be conducted all night long, in the morning the territory is to fly from the helicopter,” the report says.

Earlier it was reported that in Sochi there is a storm warning about bad weather: showers, thunderstorms, wind, tornadoes.

The meetings of the emergency commissions were held in all district administrations, and the head of Sochi also held a large meeting of the commission for emergency situations, all services were transferred to high alert mode on duty, the watch will be conducted around the clock, including monitoring the resort rivers, – reminds the press service.

Forecasters predict a sharp rise in water levels in rivers and small watercourses. Rescuers convincingly ask the Sochi residents and the guests of the resort to take all the necessary measures for the safety and security of their property. Exclude rest in the mountains and near the reservoirs. In case of emergency, call immediately from your mobile phone at 112.


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