Technology The search order suggests that the FBI extracted data...

The search order suggests that the FBI extracted data from a locked iPhone 11 Pro Max


The phone belonged to Baris Ali Koch, who helped his brother convicted of hate crimes escape the country. Koch’s lawyer confirmed Forbes that the phone was locked and that the authorities did not have access to the password. Nor did they force Koch to use FaceID. Under “inventory” in the order, a handwritten note says that a USB drive containing GrayKey was used in an “Apple iPhone 12.5”. The model code of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is 12.5 and the serial number written on the order confirms the model upon verification. We do not know what data was obtained with GrayKey, since the order only states that the software was used to perform a “forensic analysis.”

How Forbes He says, this calls into question the motivations of the authorities for Apple’s current and very public pressure. If they have the technology to enter the latest and safest Apple devices, it should be possible to access the iPhone 5 and iPhone 7 from the Penascola case. One possible reason is because a bullet hit one of the devices during the incident, which may prevent agents from performing similar checks. However, the professor at the Berkeley International Institute of Computer Science, Nicholas Weaver, told the publication that the FBI’s attempts to arm Apple could be just “theater.”

Cops across the United States may have been using GrayKey as an affordable phone cracker for a while now. A Motherboard The early 2018 report said several local and regional police forces already bought or were thinking of buying the technology. It is also worth noting that the Israeli forensic company Cellebrite has just updated its software to unlock all models from the iPhone 5S to the iPhone X. The company provided the tool that allowed the feds to unlock the iPhone 5c from the San Bernardino shooter.


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