The season finale heats the mind


Fans of the zombie series “The Walking Dead” had great expectations for the showdown in the eighth season finale. But after the broadcast of the last episode, dissatisfaction broke out in the net. For the war that has been raging for two seasons has ended quite abruptly and almost harmoniously. And also the fight between Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 51) and
Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln, 44) took a surprising turn that upset the fans. Watch out who has not seen Season 8’s final episode yet, should not read on!
What happened? There were few secondary theater of wars. The all-important battle between Negan and Rick was at the center, but it was over almost as fast as it could begin. After Negan’s army of superman Eugene (Josh McDermitt, 39) was put out of action and the super villain tried to escape, he was replaced by Rick. After a brief fight, Rick Negan fatally injured his neck – but he spared his life. Much to the annoyance of Maggie (Lauren Cohen, 36), whose husband Glenn (Steven Yeun, 34) had once been so brutally murdered by Negan.
Whether Rick made this decision an enemy in its own ranks? Negan’s followers all got away with their lives and even the good guys did not bite anyone in the final. It was probably the biggest surprise that there were no dead. Quite refreshing, but for some fans too anti-climactic …


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