The second half of Alejandra Azcarate

Courageously, after the scandal that put her to the test with RCN, the comedian shook off the bad moment and now conquers Europe on tour

At a time when the scandal no longer exists, Alejandra Azcárate has the strange virtue of raising conflicting comments every time she opens her mouth. Or she gets naked. In 2005, it was a Jesus with bare breasts on the controversial cover that Daniel Samper Ospina suggested in Soho while he was the director, a last scene and a series of photographs where she appeared turned into Christ with the sexiest lacerations that readers have been able to see in Columbia. At that time she was 27 years old and had burst in as a brash, iconoclastic and searingly frivolous comedian. That toughness that has aroused so much hatred is just a mask. According to her father, Gerardo Azcárate, a businessman who taught her that the secret of a good business is to have land “even in the nails”, said that her daughter looked like a jellied crab: shell on the outside, a flan on the inside. .

On May 23, 2021, the life of Alejandra Azcárate took an unexpected flight that took her through the very basements of hell when on June 3, in San Andrés, a small plane with 446 kilos of cocaine collohydrate and 102 million pesos. The plane was in the name of her husband, Miguel Jaramillo, her love for more than a decade. The media put her in the eye of the hurricane and Azcárate had to see how RCN canceled her contracts like other companies.

With Miguel Jaramillo the whole love story has been very crazy. Five days after meeting him she went to live with him. The country did not know much about this businessman until the incident of the plane but, although both had very happy childhoods, they have no children other than their dogs. At that time, before she was 10 years old, she was the darling of her grandmother, the Paisa midwife Dolly de Naranjo, who showered her with gifts at Christmas. Although she is from Palmira, her vacations in Medellin gave her the confidence she needed to be the smartest and most beloved of the French Lyceum and to go to Los Andes to study law and anthropology. At that university she was fired for copying an exam when she was in her fourth semester. She went to study in Boston where she arrived turned into the mamacita that she still is at 44 years old.

As a reporter she started on City TV but her great mentor was Álvaro García who, being director of RCN News, gave her a section within the transmission of the National Beauty Contest, Descárate con la Azcárate and then gave her full free rein to her language and creativity. The pinnacle of her fame and prestige came when she met Isabella Santo Domingo and together they wrote the stand up comedy Gentlemen like them rather rude, which has been staged more than 5,000 times.

Now, when he believed that his career had ended with the incident of the plane, the Azcárate is in Europe, on a tour that started in Spain, will pass through Paris and will end in Berlin, with full houses where this gale passes. The key to becoming so funny is given by herself, trying to be a mental hermaphrodite to understand men and women, because, behind every great comedian, an anthropologist hides, a constant and successful critic of the society where he lives .