The second season of House of Dragons may be shorter

But we get something in return.

Compared to the ten episodes of the first season, it will be two shorter, only eight episodes House of dragons second season, Deadline learned. The news was also confirmed by a spokesperson for HBO. In exchange for the decision, the fans can also receive good news, because it looks like the shorter season is the price for the third season to get the green light already.

A Game of Thrones-production on the second season of the prequel series may begin soon on filming locations in the United Kingdom, and the season is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2024. Since we loved the first season even more than its great predecessor, we are quite looking forward to this date.

Ten episodes were originally planned for the second season as well, but the plans were shortened after some script rewriting. According to experts, the decision may have something to do with the cost optimization efforts of HBO’s parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, but according to a spokesperson speaking to Deadline, the decision was much more justified by story management. For example, a big battle scene that was originally planned for the second season will almost certainly be transferred to the third season.

The creative team behind the series previously talked about the To the house of dragonst is planned for three or four seasons, the basis Fire and blood author of the novel and member of the production team of the series, George R. R. Martin and he previously stated that he hopes for four, ten-part series each, because that’s all it takes to tell the story in its entirety. At the same time, the current decision is not necessarily a bad thing, as it also indicates that the parent company is not planning the series from season to season, but rather they are thinking in the longer term, they can even lay down the plans for the project right up to the end of the entire story.

The House of Dragons one hundred and seventy-two years a Game of Thrones takes place before the events of the year and tells the story of the civil war that almost destroyed the Targaryen house, the Dance of Dragons.