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The second set of Assassin's Creed Odyssey episodes begins

Beautiful as the Greek Islands, it's nice to see some fresh scenery, and today's Assassin's Creed Odyssey DLC, The Fields Of Elysium (episode one of the three-part Fate Of Atlantis), looks stunning, if a bit uncertain. She continues the techno-mystical B-plot of the series and leads the players to Atlantis and from there to the Fields of Elysium, the most beautiful place in the Greek beyond. Expect incredibly steep cliffs, gnawing gods, and occasionally teleporting statue turbo keepers. Below, Alice Liguori takes a sneak from our video crews on the mythical new adventure.

Today's DLC – part of the season ticket or purchased separately – is for players who have already completed the main story. However, it offers the opportunity to jump directly to the Gods of War-lite antics. The overall goal of this expansion is the dethronement of the goddess Persephone. As a result, they weaken their influence on various cities and fortresses scattered around the unlikely peaks, much like the faction material in the main game. Fortunately, thanks to a network of teleporters, you do not have to climb every cliff. However, there are plenty of opportunities to face Spartan enemies from a mile high ledge.

DLC's previous play for Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Legacy Of The First Blade, was a good appetizer, but it did not do much to justify the high cost of the season pass. According to estimates from Fields Of Elysium (episode one in three), Alice estimates that after a completely new and very impressive environment, new enemies and new magical powers, about ten hours. If the memory is sufficient, this corresponds to the entire previous extension. If the remaining two parts of The Fate Of Atlantis are on the same scale, this could turn out to be a very big expansion. Considering how big the similarly mythological second expansion was for AC: Origins, I would not be surprised.

The Fate Of Atlantis is now out and part of Odyssey's season ticket for £ 34 / € 40 / $ 40 or £ 21 / € 25 / $ 25 separately. If you have not been around for a while, check out Katharine's updated guide, which lets you push consistent 60 frames per second out of the game no matter what your PC is.



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