The second stage of the women’s weevil

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Original title: The second stage of the women’s weevil

On the evening of March 4th, the “Lechang Peach Blossom Cup” National Chess Women’s League A ended the competition for the 10th round of the second stage of the tournament system. The Jiangsu Changzhou Puruemanchen team defeated the Chengdu team 4-2 and is currently ranked second.

This season, the women’s weevil is divided into two stages. The first stage was held in Shenzhen, Guangdong in August last year. The second stage was originally scheduled to be held in Lechang, Guangdong in November last year, but was postponed to March this year due to the epidemic. held.

A total of 10 teams participated in the women’s weevil competition this season, and the competition system has also changed significantly compared with previous years. On the one hand, the number of duels in each game has changed from 2 in the past to 3, which tests the thickness of each team’s lineup; on the other hand, each game must be decided. If there is a draw in the second game of rapid chess, the black side will win the game. The change in the competition system not only increases the contingency of the competition, but also greatly improves the enjoyment.

On March 1, the second stage of the women’s weevil competition officially kicked off. In the seventh round of competition, the Jiangsu Changzhou Puruemanchen team encountered the Zhejiang team with comparable strength. As a result, the Jiangsu team beat their opponents 6-0. Among them, the main player of the Jiangsu team and the new women’s world champion Zuo Wenjing is fierce in chess, and the backhand screen horse Zuoma Panhe is extremely aggressive, defeating Zhejiang Hangning in just over an hour.

In the eighth round match on March 2, Jiangsu Changzhou Puryuemanchen team swept the Shanghai team 6-0 again, taking advantage of the prestige of the last round victory. After the two big victories, the Jiangsu team’s points skyrocketed, tied the Shenzhen team, and replaced the Shenzhen team’s second place in the standings with a slight advantage in the total score.

On March 4th, the Women’s League A ushered in the second stage of the one-day double match of the tournament system. The ninth and tenth rounds of confrontation were held intensively, which was also the end of the first round and the beginning of the second round. . In these two rounds of competition, Jiangsu Changzhou Puruemanchen team’s opponent is Chengdu team. As a result, in the two contests, the Jiangsu team narrowly beat their opponents 4-2.

After the 4-game winning streak in the second stage, Jiangsu Changzhou Puryuemanchen team secured the second place in the standings with 14 points. Zhang Guofeng, the head coach of the Jiangsu Women’s Chess Team, believes that the Jiangsu team played relatively normally in the second stage of the game, which is due to the team’s full preparation for the league. Regarding the addition of a chess player in the new competition system, Zhang Guofeng believes that this is not beneficial to the Jiangsu team. She said: “Our Zuo Wenjing is relatively strong. In the past two games, once Zuo Wenjing won, it was at least a draw. Now It depends on the results of the other two teams. And some teams will make corresponding arrangements for our strong platform, such as arranging the weakest young player in the team to face Zuo Wenjing, to fight the remaining two teams.”

As the fifth place in the league last season, Jiangsu Changzhou Proyuemanchen team proposed the goal of hitting the top three this season. In this regard, Zhang Guofeng said that there are many strong women’s weevil teams, and the team will calm down, play steadily, and do their best to achieve the season’s goals.

On March 10, the women’s weevil this season will end after 18 rounds.

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