The Seconds The Killer Brings a Sack containing the Victim’s Body to be Disposed to the Pesanggrahan River : Okezone Megapolitan

JAKARTA – Muhamad Rizki Ikmi Aryanto, the perpetrator of the murder of Aples Bagus Trion Langgeng, whose body was found in a sack at Kali Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta. The perpetrator’s actions shortly before dumping the victim’s body were caught on CCTV.

The murder suspect was caught on CCTV carrying a sack containing the victim’s body at a culinary business on Jalan Raya Fatmawati, Cilandak, South Jakarta. The perpetrator was seen pulling the victim’s body which was already in a sack using a trolley.

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The atmosphere at the location seemed deserted. CCTV footage shows the incident on June 28, 2022, at 03.47 WIB.

After pulling the sack containing the body, the perpetrator was then seen removing the motorbike that was allegedly used to carry the body to be dumped into the Pesanggrahan River.

According to the Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Endra Zulpan, the perpetrator and the victim knew each other. However, the perpetrator admitted that he was often abused by the victim. The climax is when the perpetrator wakes the victim by kicking the perpetrator.

“The peak of the problem was on Monday, June 27, 2022 at around 18.30 WIB when the suspect finished praying maghrib, the suspect was sleeping on the bed, suddenly the victim came and kicked the suspect so that the suspect was shocked and angry with the victim,” said Zulpan at the Polda Metro Jaya, Thursday, June 30. 2022.

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Out of anger, a fight broke out. However, in the fight the suspect got a knife which was then stabbed into the victim’s neck

“He was stabbed three times which resulted in the victim’s death,” he said.

After committing the murder, the victim cleaned the place where the victim died and wrapped the victim in a plastic trash bag, and a sack filled with bolsters and stones and then dumped it in the river. The suspect also took the victim’s belongings and fled.

“Furthermore, the suspect took the victim out using a trolley and then the victim was raised on the victim’s motorbike in the front with the victim’s position transverse, then the victim’s body was taken to the Pesanggrahan River, South Jakarta,” he said.

When the suspect arrived at the edge of the river, he put stones into the sack and tied the ends of the sack with raffia so that the sack that was wrapped around the victim would not come off, after which the suspect threw the victim into the river.

“Then, the suspect returned to the mess to take a shower and perform the morning prayer at the mosque, while at the mosque the suspect donated the victim’s money amounting to Rp. 500 thousand,” he said.

For his actions, the suspect is subject to Article 338 of the Criminal Code and or Article 365 of the Criminal Code, with a maximum imprisonment of 15 years.