The secret of getting rid of Parkinson's disease is revealed

The secret of getting rid of Parkinson's disease is revealed

Scientists from Chalmers University in Gothenburg (Sweden)
told that it helps to prevent the development of a terrible disease. They
found that for this it is enough to regularly eat fish dishes.
It turns out that the protein parvalbumin, which is found in cod meat,
sea ​​bass and herring, prevents the formation of plaques in the brain, leading to the appearance of a tremor. A useful substance can also be found in carp and
salmon breeds of fish.

According to experts, the most nutritious fish is in the fall – due to changes in metabolism, the channel says. “360” . Parkinson’s Syndrome
develops in people closer to old age, and until now this disease is considered

Previously, scientists from
University of Colorado in the United States proved that regular physical education
save from Parkinson’s disease. Physical activity does not allow to accumulate in
organism to harmful proteins. The authors of the study believe that during
running level increases the protein DJ-1. In turn, this prevents
accumulation in the neurons of the brain protein alpha-sinuclein.

It was reported and about another
discovery of physicians. It turned out that running in the morning lengthens parts of the chromosomes,
responsible for longevity. Only need to run early in the morning – between six and
nine hours.

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