‘The secret of Old Bridge’ says goodbye tomorrow after nine years

Oysters, how strong. What a cloth ». It is the first reaction of Sandra Cervera (Valencia, 34 years old) when asked about the end of ‘The Secret of Old Bridge’, which arrives tomorrow in Antena 3’s prime time after nine years and more than 2,300 episodes. The actress remembers that she was “seven and a half years in a row, and then, a year and a half intermittently until this latest addition”, because she couldn’t miss the finale.

Until then, Cervera kept track of the episodes in which he had appeared: 1,845, but as he later continued, “it will be like two thousand and two.” He confesses that he would never have lasted so long in any other job, but, being a vocational, he holds “cars and carts.” And that is also easier when you feel “absolute love” for a character, as is the case with Emilia. Although one day he decided to say ‘see you later’, because both needed “a rest, but not an end.” And the writers managed, as usual in this type of project, to fit it into the story. “The daily series are a wonderful format. They allow you to come and go, and oxygenate, “says the actress, who admits feeling tremendously lucky that they wanted to continue counting on her work and” that wonderful character that is Emilia. “

The coronavirus health crisis came a little before finishing filming, but that has not stopped “the longest-running series on Spanish television” from having the end it deserves. For this reason, the Valencian interpreter does not look in the rearview mirror at those fictions that, in the near future, could take away the throne of perenniality. In fact, he considers that in his profession “the competition has to be healthy”, and believes that if there are series on the grills that work and are long-lived, “that is positive for the entire industry and for all actors and creatives.”

After almost a decade, Cervera still perfectly remembers the “nerves, the desire and the feeling of uncertainty” of the first day, when they did not know “what was going to happen”, nor could they imagine that “‘Old Bridge’ had that such a great reception, both in Spain and abroad, when the platforms did not yet exist ».

But neither does he dismiss her with regret. “What begins must end sometime,” says Cervera, for whom the series “has had a long and wonderful journey.” And he even believes that “there are still characters that could still tell a million stories today”, since “the imaginary and creativity are infinite.”

Two and a half months non-stop

For those who have not started the series, catching up would take about two and a half months without interruption to watch chapter after chapter, but that is not a problem for the actress, who assures that the vast majority will have seen “some remnant, some time epic “, or, directly,” will have bicheado “about fiction. And if not, “there is a wonderful platform (Atresplayer Premium)” where to do it, because for the Valencian woman, “‘The secret of Puente Viejo’ is part of the history of Spanish audiovisuals”, and tomorrow’s chapter “you can’t do it lose absolutely nobody ». “It is the final touch to a series that has made history,” says the actress about fiction, which in its more than 2,300 episodes, has brought together an average of 1.6 million viewers per chapter with a share of over 15%. . And it has also reached more than 60 countries around the world, with Italy being the most successful internationally. In this sense, Cervera recalls that in the first years “it was a real madness.” “Now, the success of the series is more tangible on the platforms, but at the time ‘Puente Viejo’ was a pioneer in the ‘international boom’. And that is a daily series! ”Recalls the interpreter.


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