However, at the same time with ID.3 at the Volkswagen booth, one more interesting model could be seen. She stood in a dark-dark room, was in “camouflage” and was covered with glass panels. And yet it was possible to understand – we are faced with a crossover. Of course, it is also electric, and it is based on the same platform on which ID.3 is built.

Recall that ID.3 is the first Volkswagen electric car, created from scratch with a power plant of this type. Moreover, the electric hatchback becomes the pioneer of a series of environmentally friendly models that will follow in the near future. The new architecture is called MEB, and the Volkswagen sub-brand for electric trains is ID.X, where X is the index of a specific model.

Debutant ID.3 will be offered with a battery of several sizes – 77, 58 and 45 kWh. These capacitance values ​​correspond to a range of 550 to 330 km in accordance with the modern (and more realistic than NEDC) WLTP measuring cycle. The ID.3 engine is located on the rear axle and has a power of 204 hp. This arrangement, combined with numbers, promises that the electric car will be at least boring to drive. Moreover, Volkswagen promises to become brighter, younger and more modern in its new corporate strategy just announced.

Charging a battery to cover a mileage of 290 km takes only half an hour when connected to a 100 kW power source. And the guarantee for batteries is 160,000 km. At the same time, ID.3 is positioned as a truly mass machine – the starting price will be below 30,000 euros.


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