Posted on 09/02/19 by Le Figaro Wine


Photo: Igor Klimov / Fotolia

QUIZ – Le Figaro Vin has created a quiz for you to discover some of the secrets of wine tasting

Wine is both attractive and destabilizing. His universe is unique and contains an infinity of information. The gestures and vocabulary are unique to him and can sometimes intimidate amateurs! But who said you had to control everything?

This divine nectar is to be seen as an invitation to share, because it allows to drink with friends, but not only! He also invites us to discuss what he awakens in us. That's what tasting is. There is only a small step between drinking a wine and tasting it. But tasting wine does not mean removing the simplicity of the moment.

To begin with and to feel more comfortable with the wine without claiming to be an expert, it may be interesting to familiarize yourself with certain notions such as the temperature of service, the shape of the glasses, or even know what really means "decantation" or " carafing ".

Le Figaro Vin offers a quiz to test your level of knowledge and discover some tasting secrets. One thing is certain, you will come out necessarily more seasoned.