the sector is sounding the alarm to consumers!

“Organic production is protected by law and governed by standards subject to independent control”, recalls the College of Producers on Thursday. “To respond to this, heavy investments are necessary (environment, animal welfare, building equipment, food, health, etc.). A correct price for eggs is therefore essential in order to continue to meet the requirements set by law and the standards governing the sector,” he says.

In addition, the war in Ukraine has “dramatically” deregulated the market for organic raw materials and “the organic layer poultry sector is one of the most affected”, according to the College.

If the situation does not improve, some producers will be forced to leave barns empty or even empty them prematurely. They “need support”, continues the College of Producers.

Farmers invite consumers to encourage the purchase of local organic eggs and believe that “it is also essential that price increase solutions are transparent for everyone as to the impact of an increase for the consumer”.