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The Senate blames Trump for ordering the US military to cease support for the Saudi Arabia-led war in Yemen

A Yemeni student stands on the rubble of a school that was damaged last year after an air raid by the Saudi Arabs against the Shiite Huthi in the third city of Taez on March 6, 2019. (- / AFP / Getty Images)

The Senate voted Wednesday to end US support for the Saudi Arabia-led military campaign in Yemen, whose recent blame for the Trump government's continued embrace of the Saudi regime, despite increasing frustration among legislators with their actions at the world stage.

The vote marks the second time in recent months that the Senate has denied the continued involvement of the United States in the Saudi Arabia-led bombing campaign against Yemen's Hewi rebels to slow Iran's expansion in the Gulf. The Saudi Arabian-led effort, which has occasionally targeted civilian facilities and prevented aid deliveries to Yemenis in distress, has been accused by human rights organizations of what the United Nations has classified as the worst humanitarian disaster in the world.

"We should not be linked to a bombing campaign that the UN says is likely to be a grave violation of human rights," said Sen Murdim (D-Conn.) On Wednesday in the Senate.

For the advocates, the resolution is not only about a moral approach to human rights, but also about enforcing Congress' basic constitutional privilege to declare war.

"Today we are beginning to recover our constitutional authority by ending US involvement in a war that has not been authorized by Congress and is clearly unconstitutional," said Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), The main sponsor of the resolution on the Senate floor Wednesday.

Sanders worked with Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) on legislation to invoke the war-power resolution to restrict US involvement in the Yemen war. If successful, this would be the first time that Congress has successfully called for the resolution of the warring powers to end US involvement in a conflict.

Opponents of the resolution, however, warned Wednesday that it was "fundamentally flawed" and would interfere with efforts to find a peaceful negotiated solution to the Yemen conflict by outlining the US position.

"It will send a message to people that they do not have to negotiate now and actually make profits," said Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Sen. James E. Risch (R-Idaho) in the Senate Wednesday just before the vote , "I would like to urge my colleagues to vote against it now and to change the peace through the negotiations."

Proponents, however, argued, "If we pass this resolution, peace will be more likely," Murphy said on Wednesday. He argued that when the Senate cast a similar vote last year, he appeared to have helped push the parties in the Yemen war to declare a party to fire

The resolution still needs to be adopted in plenary, where members adopted an almost identical resolution to end US involvement in the Yemen war earlier this year.

However, it is unlikely that either chamber will have the necessary votes to resume the action if President Trump vetoed it.



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