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"The sentence is very moderate, I think it's fair to go to jail"

Linda Kebbab, national delegate Unit-SGP Police FO, reacted Wednesday evening on franceinfo to the sentence of one year in prison of Christophe Dettinger, tried for striking two gendarmes.

Linda Kebbab, National Unity Unit-SGP Police FO, has ruled the sentence of Christopher Dettinger to one year in prison "very moderate ", Wednesday 13 February on franceinfo. "It's quite right, I think, that he goes to jail"she continued. The former boxer was tried in Paris for violently striking two gendarmes in early January on the sidelines of a mobilization of "yellow vests".

"As the Civil Party Attorney said, yes it is a political answer because it is still superior to what law enforcement officers are used to when they are hit by violence – unfortunately we used to have much less pain than this one – in spite of all it does not carry a very strong message "said Linda Kebbab before adding: "This sentence is not heavy either because it is suitable for conversion, it is a semi-freedom that is planned and 18 months suspended, but [en même temps Christophe Dettinger] has six months of prohibition to enter Paris, it is an important message in response to the 'law anti-breakers': it is a prohibition of demonstrations which does not say its name, like what justice when it the she can forbid anyone to protest. "

"We must also remember the plea of ​​the defender of Mr. Dettinger who says he is ashamed, he acknowledged his mistake, he should never have hit, added the unionist. For the 'yellow vests', the part that must be remembered for next Saturday and for the others, it is that it is finally necessary to appease the movement with serene demonstrations which are dissociated from the breakers. Yes Mr. Dettinger is sending a strong message: 'We do not hit the police, we can be ashamed of it and we must not do it again'.

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