The separation of Alex Caniggia and Melody days after leaving The Hotel of the Famous – Paparazzi Magazine

Alex Caniggia formed a couple with Melody Luz during his time at El Hotel de los Famosos. The program is known to have finished its recordings and the winner was just decided between the Emperor and Martin Salwebut it was also learned that the brother of Charlotte He has been traveling with his girlfriend in the south of the country.

In addition, Viking himself confirmed that he will take a flight to the old continent, precisely to Spain and Italy, destinations that he will use to relax after the reality show, but also sponsors for clothing, footwear and perfumery products, with his seal.

Apparently, the good that had been gestated between Alex y Melody It’s over, as the chef of El Hotel de los Famosos, Santiago Albornoz, had anticipated, where he remarked that Caniggia wanted the dancer to have a partner on the program, but when they left, each one went their own way.

Luz’s dream was to form something stable with the son of Mariana NannisThey even had plans to live together in Puerto Madero, as she would also accompany him on his journey through Europe, but recently in La Pavada del Diario Crónica they pointed out that everything was over. In addition, other journalists confirmed that they will be shown together for a while, but it is only to look good in front of the cameras.

The couple had had their problems at the hotel, since last Wednesday, June 22, Melody proposed to Alex the possibility of leaving the program, to which he had to convince her to stay. “I can’t take it anymore, I want to go home. There are many games left, I don’t want to hurt my body, I’m tired and my belly hurts “the dancer pointed out.

On the other hand, Mariana Nannis he had given Melody the go-ahead, at least before the separation. Regarding Alex’s girlfriend, his mother and sister were finally able to meet her, at least that’s how one of the LAM panelists told it, although she clarified that they still can’t talk to the press because of the contract they have with the hotel. “They’re all out. They can’t talk to the press, but some are already talking. They’re in storage, but some are making their lives, although not publicly.”

“They tell me that Mariana Nannis treated her very well, I don’t know if she saw her on Zoom, but part of the family already knows her. In fact, when we asked Charlotte, she told us that she is not jealous and that if the brother is happy, for her everything is fine. They make plans together, everything”, finished.

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