"The seventh day" re-published the dialogue of the artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki last


Haytham Ahmed Zaki passed away from our world in the early hours of Thursday morning, at the age of 35 years, and the death of Haitham caused a great shock to the artistic community, especially as he was a young man and a representative of a unique style, in addition to that Haytham was few words and talk to the means Media, and was able to "seventh day" to have a unique dialogue with him during the filming of the series "Kalbash 2" with the artist Amir Karara, and returns "the seventh day" his last dialogue .. To the text of the dialogue:

What are the reasons for accepting to participate in the series "Kalbash 2"?

In the beginning, any work entered by the artist does not know the extent of his success or failure, there are works that did not achieve the required success and works that have achieved great success and fame and talked about by the public, and the fact that everyone knows that "Kalbash 2" very successful series, and the first part of the work left a huge impact with people Echo is widespread, and preferred to participate in this work precisely because the character I play is new and different, and in my personal opinion is a surprise to the public from the moment of appearance, note that I received offers for the championship this year in more than one series, but I tried to focus in a character that resonates with people in The street.

What about the scenes of the series .. And dealing with Amir Karara and director Peter Mimi?

The scenes are very wonderful and excellent, most of the actors in this work are friends, and we treat each other with respect and affection, and Amir Karara brings us great conflicts in the events of the series, and there are many scenes that will surprise the audience in terms of the language of dialogue and performance and so on, while the director Peter Mimi is a very respected human being, Each actor is given his right, does not skimp on anyone, and tries all the time to find Jericho among all, as well as that he is "very" sharing, and will see the viewer series of high caliber.

How did you prepare yourself for the character of "Akef Abu al-Izz" .. Especially since it needs to exercise large physical?

The difficulty of the character is not only in physical exercises, but in the "representation" is a character "her heart is dead", does everything that is illegal and illegal and cooperates with gangs and professional killers and others, but the physical part, I am a sports person of course and I trained a lot the past period, and every day Before shooting, I do physical exercises, weapons training and the like, especially since there are scenes in the events that require action, jumping and chases, which will be filmed during the coming period.

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It is said that you embody the character of "Sabri Nahnoukh" in the series .. What is the validity of that?

Akef Abul Ezz's personality is too big to be confined to someone. He is an eccentric figure, not just a thug. He is a person whose heart is fearless, exposed to crises in his life, has made him spiritless and heartless, and is classified as a dangerous terrorist, cooperating with Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Gangs and killers With the events there is a major conflict between Akif and Salim Ansari from the beginning to the end.

This means that Salim al-Ansari entered into his opponents deliberate with Akif Abu al-Ezz .. made you kill his family?

Indeed, the officer Selim drew a certain insult to Akif Abu al-Ezz "very painful" will be seen by the public with the beginning of events .. made him retaliate in a strong and frightening, until it came to liquidate the family of Salim al-Ansari, and will open a door to revenge between them, as well as trying to liquidate Salim himself, but it Escapes all attacks.

Aren't you worried about describing you as "thug" after Akef Abul Ezz?

Akef Abul Ezz is not "thuggery" .. It should not be described as such, but closer to the character of "dangerous terrorist", where the character deals with all forms of terrorism, heart, dead, self-defense in illegal forms, carrying a weapon and the like.

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Your disappearance from the art scene last period .. Intentional or lack of suitable work?

On the contrary, I did not disappear .. I co-starred in the film "treasure" with the great director Sherif Arafa, and before the film "Sugar Bitter" and the series Professor and head of the department with the artist Adel Imam, perhaps did not achieve the expected success, but I did not disappear only a short period does not exceed The general as well as the search for a "script" adds to my strong future.

Is there a representative like Ahmed Zaki on the scene?

Smiling .. Of course "no" .. Very difficult There is one similar to the great Ahmed Zaki .. But .. There are people affected by the school "Zaki" in the representation and that their right .. But likeness is impossible, and I will give you an example .. "Maine quasi-Ahmed Zaki Faye, nor any, nor any .. I mean, like in the "Emperor, nor innocent, nor the gatekeeper nor Sadat nor Nasser 56 nor the third man and any exactly .. Is there a capable person working diversity da .. Already there are representatives affected by it .. But Likeness do not think.

Do not you feel hateful when comparing the artist Mohammed Ramadan Ahmed Zaki?

On the contrary, I am not saddened at all by comparing Mohamed Ramadan to Ahmed Zaki, nor am I sad to liken Amr Saad to Ahmed Zaki, nor others because "Zaki" is an icon, history and school that does not describe the form, subject and available to all affected by his school and his way of performance. .

That means you could think about making a movie about the late Ahmed Zaki?

"I do not dare to do that .. Ahmed Zaki watching him and just .. Imitated" difficult and go in the two men ".. This is a pride in all that" Zaki "in life.

Why did not you see the film "treasure" revenues from your point of view?

I am not a follower of the issue of revenue .. It is not my business .. I have the character of Mustafa Katatni film treasure for the great director Sheriff Arafa, the first director on the scene at the time of the film "Helem" in 2006, and therefore when asked by Mr. Sharif Arafa I will answer the call whatever the situation .. In my personal opinion this film includes historical details and fascinating tales, and written in the history of Egyptian cinema in all its details, the revenues de Ptah our Lord.

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After the movie "Halim" and your appearance in front of the public for the first time .. You played the starring of the movie "Platacho" .. Do you consider it a step against you?

Yes, it was a step against me, and at that time I did not have enough experience to choose as well as the absence of one to guide me at the time and I was listening to major producers seeking to introduce me to the championship directly .. Note that this role is still stuck in the mind of the public, in addition to the song sung by the artist Medhat Saleh But I was hoping that I would not do this step quickly, and that I am careful to choose after "Halim", but God willing .. I enjoy a lot now the roles I play without championship, which is the main goal when offering roles that settle in the mind of people in my view is "Tournament".

It is said that you are not in agreement with the leader Adel Imam .. After an argument in the series Professor and Head of the Department .. What you say?

I am the youngest person to be incompatible with Professor Adel Imam .. There is no dispute between us.

Why are producers afraid of you .. They consider you Mzajanji .. And are concerned when you nominate and sometimes disrupt the photography?

This is not real at all .. I have not disrupted photography in my life .. This is the second work with professor Tamer Morsi after "Professor and head of the Department, and if I disrupt the photography certainly not Higibni" .. And other work that I did .. The subject "Mzganji "Because it is normal when I read any character, and I feel it will add to me .. Do it immediately .. Therefore people consider me" Mzajanji ", and I, of course," Mesh Jaaan stardom "because of the saturation granted by my parents, even if I am not an actor. People see me anywhere I talked about Ahmed Zaki .. Hence satiety stardom .. This is my only flaw .. "I wish I was starving star".

When your father is Ahmed Zaki, this is a challenge "you will work any more than what he has done" and the idea of ​​continuing and marching Ahmed Zaki in my personal is the biggest mistake because all the roles of Ahmed Zaki .. was taking the door and supported him, so I work according to my admiration for the role or with someone Aziz did not reject him a request Like Mr. Sharif Arafa.

Representatives of your generation have become heroes .. Do not you feel tight of it?

Already a little late .. But there are better roles of the championship and achieved a great resonance and remain stuck with people on the street, so I do not think of the tournament at the moment as much as I think to play roles imprint there are personalities I have made such as the intelligence officer in the series "slap" with the artist Sherif Mounir, the film "Palm of the Moon" and all the works that have achieved great success at the time, do not forget that there are stars who did not starring much, for example artist Khaled Saleh, "God's mercy", did not provide many tournaments, while playing wonderful roles and remember them all the time. For example, the great artist Adel Adham did not offer a single tournament .. But his roles put his name before any hero .. Zaki Rustem also .. Tournament is not a measure.

What do you fear in the coming period?

I am afraid of comparing me to my father .. or comparing me with people who imitate Ahmed Zaki .. This is a great injustice to me, no matter what roles I will not be able to reach the status of "Ahmed Zaki" and I Mzganjy .. Enjoy my roles .. And I work hard to be Haitham Ahmed Zaki only.

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Haitham Ahmed Zaki (t) Haitham Ahmed Zaki (t) Haitham Ahmed Zaki (t).


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