The basic function of the skin is to form a line of defense to prevent thousands of harmful bacteria from crossing into the skin, so the exposure of the person to any wound penetrates the layer of skin and causes bleeding to allow the passage of bacteria. What happens to the body when exposed to a small wound
1. Blood clotting When the skin has been injured, the blood vessels contract and the platelets release the fibrin proteins that are intertwined to form a clot and seal the wound. 2. Inflammation The blood vessels then expand again to allow the white blood cells to move to the wound site. According to the "sciencefocus" site, these attacks are bacteria that have passed the clot. 3. Diffusion After a few days, fibroblasts arrive and produce collagen, and dermal cells begin to multiply to close the wound.
If the skin is exposed to a large wound
The wound is first washed to prevent the bacteria from entering the body, but avoid using antiseptics as this will kill the cells that are trying to repair the wound. The adhesive is then placed in place of the wound to help form a blood clot, but if bleeding continues after 10 minutes of use of the adhesive may need stitches, then the skin begins to build collagen continuously for up to one year after the large wound, this scar tissue will fade A little more for another year afterwards.

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