The Export Council of Medical Industries announced Thursday the start-up of the company’s business EGYCOPP Which includes a number of members of the Export Council to access the African market, which is a promising market for all Egyptian products. Dr. Majid George, Chairman of the Export Council of Medical Industries, revealed the establishment of a trading company carrying “Egy Cup” with a capital of 2 million pounds, including 26 pharmaceutical factories, beauty tools and medical supplies. George said in a special statement to the “seventh day” that the branches will be opened at the level of African countries to be the first branches in Zambia, noting that it was contracted with major international companies engaged in the analysis of drug markets to develop a strategy of the Export Council to increase exports Until 2030 to be the target increase of 3% every three years, and over the course of 9 years and the duration was determined to coincide with the date of the renewal session in the Council . The strategy focuses on the African market and studies will be conducted on the needs of each country and determine the proportion of the products that are exported, through the establishment of a scientific office comprising several offices for large, medium and small companies. Offices to follow up the registration of pharmaceuticals, as well as to establish marketing and medical products in the countries where we export them . The President of the Council explained that the pharmaceutical companies overcome the problems of registration through the work of local factory Tul (manufacturing on third parties) to produce all products of exporting companies in those countries, especially those with a simple industry.

News DAY 7 URGENT – EGYCOPP is established to promote exports of medicines and supplies with capital of LE 2 million – You can view the original news source from the following link: The seventh day is urgent The site of the unit disclaims its full responsibility for the contents of any news, but the responsibility rests with the original publisher of the news.


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