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The severed blood clot of power: a political trace in the murder of Gandzyuk

On November 4, Ekaterina Gandzyuk, an adviser to the mayor of Kherson and a public activist, died in a hospital in Kiev. On July 31 of this year, she was doused with concentrated sulfuric acid; more than 35% of her body was burned in general. In the last three months, Gandzyuk experienced 13 surgeries, the last one was done a few days before she died. Catherine was 33 years old.

Oksana Denisova writes for The Newsroom what happened to the activist and who can stand behind it.


The clinical cause of the activist's death is determined by the separation of a blood clot, but in general it is clear that the victim's body could not bear the consequences of the attack.

A thrombus under the knee was formed after the penultimate surgery. Ekaterina Gandzyuk's father, who is a doctor, and was constantly with her daughter, drew the attention of hospital workers to the fact that this thrombus must be removed. A few days before her death, the activist underwent another operation, after which the blood clot moved from its place …

Whether the negligence of doctors was the cause of death for Gandziuk should be shown by an examination. However, according to The Newsroom, 95% of the affected areas of the activist’s body have recently been superficially healed. Moreover, previously not transportable Catherine was allowed to go abroad for treatment, and agreed to carry out her rehabilitation in Austria. The money for treatment, allegedly, had already been collected, and the contract with the Austrians was signed.

The investigation

As you know, from the beginning, the police qualified the case as hooliganism. Later, under pressure from the public, the case was retrained in the grievous bodily harm, and then in the attempted murder. Also, under pressure from the public and journalists, a local resident Nikolay Novikov was rescued from the detention center, and this crime was almost "hanged" on. The local police was removed from the investigation, with which Gandzyuk constantly had conflicts. Investigation was transferred to the Security Service of Ukraine, employees of the special services carried out investigative actions in the hospital where the activist died. After the death of Catherine, the case of the attack on her was retrained for premeditated murder.

According to the official version of the investigation, at the moment five people are suspected of the now murder of Yekaterina Gandzyuk, the names are already known: Sergey Torbin (he is Oper, he is the suspect organizer), Vladimir Vasyanovich, Nikita Grabchuk, Vyacheslav Vishnevsky and Viktor Gorbunov ( suspected perpetrators).

The grouping under the leadership of Torbin, which included all the above-mentioned people, is credited with raider seizures, theft of crops from farmers and "surface" arson of forests in the Kherson region for the purpose of cutting and selling. All these "schemes" tried to stop Gandzyuk.

The severed blood clot of power: a political trace in the murder of Gandzyuk

According to the official version, four performers received an order to attack and money "for work" from Torbin. But who gave money to Torbin himself? There is at least one other person, about which until now little was known. According to The Newsroom, the case includes an assistant to the people's deputy from the BPP, who is not yet among the official suspects.

Igor Pavlovsky is an assistant to the people's deputy from BPP Nikolai Palamarchuk, according to open data – the deputy of the public organization for the protection of public order "Black Fog". The organization was created in the spring of 2018 in Nova Kakhovka, it includes former fighters of do-it-yourself soldiers, participants in hostilities. Other local veteran groups accuse Black Fog of “protecting” the interests of Palamarchuk.

The severed blood clot of power: a political trace in the murder of Gandzyuk

According to The Newsroom, it is Pavlovsky who is suspected of transferring funds “for work” to the organizer of the crime against Yekaterina Gandzyuk Torbin. The assistant people's deputy has already been questioned about this, but has not yet been arrested. Although he, as well as Torbin, could help the investigation reach the customers of the crime.

For reference: Nikolay Palamarchuk – MP from BPP, former employee of the internal affairs bodies, police general. He was repeatedly accused by the local community of corruption and raiding of agricultural enterprises.

The severed blood clot of power: a political trace in the murder of Gandzyuk

The chairman of the National Police, Andrei Kryshchenko, has already announced that the case on the perpetrators of the crime will soon be brought to court. Lawyers for the Gandzyuk family say that before this the suspicions in the case need to be updated with signs of a crime order. Otherwise, the production of the SBU for customers can "fail", and, accordingly, customers will leave from responsibility.

On November 5, the decision to merge production was adopted. After that, both production further investigates the SBU.

In any case, not answering the question “Who ordered Katya Gandzyuk” after updating suspicions will become more difficult for law enforcement authorities. Process harder.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, on July 31 in Kherson an unknown person splashed into the activist with concentrated sulfuric acid. She was taken to the intensive care unit of the regional hospital in a state of shock. Burns accounted for more than 30% of the body. Acid hit a woman on the back, head, arm, as well as in the eyes.

On November 4, after the death of the activist, the police re-qualified the case of the attack on Gandzyuk into a completed premeditated murder..

Death Gandzyuk caused shock in the network. Users and activists have expressed their desire to take revenge. The fact that those responsible for crimes against activists should be punished was also expressed by European Commissioner Johannes Hahn.

In the evening of the same day, activists took part in a protest action "Who ordered Gandzyuk?" In a number of Ukrainian cities. demanding to find and punish those responsible for the attack on the activist.

In turn, the head of the National Police, Sergei Knyazev, said that the investigation is at the final stage. The investigation collected all the necessary evidence and transferred the case to the SBU.


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