The sexy old man Richard Leper has become a married man

The fact that his wife is now married has also been made clear by Krista Paula, who has changed her surname on social networks and can now be found as Lepere. And in Instagram’s short video stories on Richard’s profile, for example, Krista Paula, who appears, we look at the video of the first couple’s first dance on the phone.

In an interview with Kas Jauns magazine, Richard told him what he thought were the most important things for a successful relationship. Appearance does not play a decisive role. “The main criterion for me is whether there is a spiritual compatibility with the other person. How often it is seen that a picture says one thing, but when you meet a person in life and talk, both the opinion about him as a personality changes and he is visually perceived differently. I think about starting a family from time to time. But I am probably one of those who would like to marry his wife once in a lifetime, ”said the actor. Well, Richard also kept his promise and is a married man.

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