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When the handball players of the SG BBM Bietigheim play in Besançon, France, on Sunday at 2 p.m. (live on SWR Sport), the fans can expect more than just sport at the highest level. The team can also make history in the European League quarterfinals.

40 wins in a row – they are on the side of the handball players from Bietigheim. The 2021 cup winners have thus broken the record set by THW Kiel’s handball players in 2011 and 2012. Only one team can look back on an even longer winning streak: the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns football team. The women from Bietigheim are missing two more victories for the sole record. An excellent starting position before the game in Besançon.

Live stream: Handball Besançon – Bietigheim, March 27th, 2022 from 2 p.m

In the end, it’s the titles that count

“Of course the series gives us self-confidence,” says Markus Gaugisch, the man behind the success, in an interview with SWR Sport. Gaugisch has been the head coach of the Bundesliga handball league since 2020. Difficult phases of the game are easier to cope with because the players keep calm and believe in themselves. But the focus is not on the series. In the end, it’s the titles that count.

To handball to avoid classmates

The 47-year-old handball coach was a Bundesliga player himself for many years and wore the jersey for VfL Pfullingen for almost ten years. Today the whole family is crazy about handball. Both children play the sport actively, there is hardly anything else on TV. As a boy from Göppingen, being close to handball was almost logical. But the love of sport began in a different, strange way. “When I was in elementary school, I didn’t want to play with a classmate,” says the handball coach with a laugh. The classmate decided to join the football club, so Gaugisch chose handball. Two decisions that seemed right. Said classmate’s name is Frank Kinkel. He became a professional soccer player, playing for SSV Ulm 1846 and 1. FSV Mainz 05, among others. Gaugisch became a Bundesliga-capable backcourt player.

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Handball in the blood: Markus Gaugisch coaching his team.

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“We’re a really good team now.”

After the active career, Gaugisch was driven to the edge of the field. Will, concentration and courage: These values ​​are particularly important to him – also against the handball players from Besançon. Preparing for the game was difficult. The four-time champions from France recently played with a different game system in every game. As a result, different players were always able to set accents. According to Gaugisch, the team impresses both with fast players with very good one-on-one behavior and with powerful throwing backcourt players. Gaugisch therefore relies on “a mixture of compact defense and attack”.

“I’m not afraid.”

Due to corona infections, the 47-year-old is also missing four players in France: Danick Snelder, Stine Jørgensen, Gabriela Moreschi and Veronika Malá. The fact that the team can still deliver was shown in the sovereign derby victory against Neckarsulm. The 2021 runners-up are therefore favorites going into the game against ESBF Besançon, who qualified for the quarter-finals as second in Group A with three wins and three losses. SG BBM Bietigheim finished first in group B with six wins from six games.

Witch’s cauldron with “noble fans” and anticipation

The team headed by coach Markus Gaugisch is now traveling to the east of France for the first leg of the quarter-finals. According to the French media, around 3,000 fans are expected in the Besançon sports palace. A cauldron that Gaugisch looks forward to with anticipation: “We go to training every day to experience games like this,” says the man from Göppingen. The women from Bietigheim can also count on the support of their fans. In an interview with the Bietigheimer Zeitung, the “Edelfans” spoke of a full bus that would make its way to Besançon, 370 kilometers away.

The goal is the final

The direction is also clear for the handball players. “The stated goal is definitely the Final Four,” says the coach, before adding with a grin: “But if you’re in the Final Four, you obviously don’t want to be eliminated in the semi-finals. That’s just one game, that would be stupid.” .

The handball players of SG BBM Bietigheim cheer (Photo: imago images, wolf-sportfoto)

Want to celebrate after the first leg against Besançon. The handball players of the SG BBM Bietigheim

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The Bietigheim women are ready to continue writing history. The overall winner of both encounters advances to the European Final Four. SWR Sport broadcasts live.