Health Minister Agnès Buzyn is trying what her predecessors have not been able to do for more than ten years: to allow every French to access an online health record. The goal is to reach 40 million records within five years.


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                            This ad has a little air of déjà vu. But the health authorities have decided to believe it: Tuesday, November 6, 2018 marks the kickoff of the Shared Medical File (DMP). The health minister, Agnès Buzyn, is accompanied by the director of health insurance, Nicolas Revel, and the president of the federation of patients associations France Assos Health, Alain-Michel Ceretti, to officially launch the device.

This project, which began more than ten years ago, is supposed to facilitate the care of the French by improving the information to the patient, the coordination of health professionals, as well as the quality of care through access to information. in real time. Thought by former Health Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy, however, it was difficult to implement, especially because of technical problems. The previous minister, Marisol Touraine, participated in the reinstatement of the DMP, which was submitted to an initial phase of development in different departments, with the help of the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM).

                            Encourage professionals

                            Currently, nearly 1.2 million cases have been created, according to the CNAM. The department's goal would be to reach 40 million over the next five years. Several "pushes" have been put in place to encourage professionals and patients to turn to the DMP. It is now possible to open one's own account on the internet, with agents of health insurance funds, professionals and health facilities.

Health Insurance now has the right to automatically enter a repayment history over two years, pharmacists will receive one euro per open DMP, and doctors may receive a financial incentive to create records. It remains to be seen whether, from a technical point of view, the project will succeed in fulfilling its many promises of practicality, speed and security.

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