The new episode ofIsland of the Famous it started with deception. Or rather, with an attempted deception on the part of the castaways. In fact, the production found that the (hungry) competitors tampered with the rice machine. The rice machine is a real machine that every day the competitors have to turn in order to earn a handful of rice. But if you thought that the castaways were all honest and the 8 thousand laps if they did them despite the effort, the reality is very different. There was a real sabotage. The competitors, in fact, have discovered how to reach the 8 thousand laps without difficulty. Such as? Pressing a lever. So, tampering with the rice machine.

The production has for this reason shown the movie e Alessia Marcuzzi he started asking questions. So Stefano Bettarini is sang live: "I absolutely have the responsibility, there were people with 80 pressure and so we decided to tamper with the system". The confession of Bettarini triggers chaos, but the ruckus does not end here. Why? Because Marco Maddaloni had already been informed by tampering with production and he wanted to denounce everything on live. Too bad that the production (and Bettarini) have anticipated it. And here the chaos. But here comes the unexpected.

While Stefano Bettarini he assumes his repsonsabilità, denounces: "I will have mistaken, but who makes the pretino (Marco Maddaloni, ed) did the same thing when I was not there .. He and Ghezzal already knew how to tamper and they did" . Obviously, Marco takes the floor and defends himself against the accusations. In Palapa there are those who are on one side and others on the other. Until Bettarini starts sowing here and there fleas in the ears of competitors and conductor. "Ask the young master why he won the leader test last week, did he do it because he deserved it?" He exclaimed. At this point Marco tries to defend himself and Ghezzal is silent. Just the two of them would have agreed.

In summary: Bettarini & co tamper with the rice machine, they seem to have done it too Marco Maddaloni and Ghezzal the week before and more just these two would have agreed for the test leader. But nobody wants to say more than necessary. There is only chaos onIsland. Here cat hatches us. And as if it is hatching.


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