the shooting: – We have to follow better

Princess Märtha Louise (50)’s fiancé, Durek Verrett (47) shows his support for the LGBTQ + community after the shooting in Oslo on Saturday night.

The attack was right next to the London pub, which is a famous gathering place for gays, and where the street and nightclubs were full of people celebrating Pride.

43-year-old Zaniar Matapour is charged with terrorism after the mass shooting.

Celebrated Pride: – Scary

– When I heard about it, we did not know if the act originated in hatred or if it was terror, but it sounded like the perpetrator was psychotic. This means that we must follow better, spend more resources and focus more on mental health, and find ways to help people so that this does not happen to them or that it gets to the point that it happens to them, says Verrett in another See and hear.

CHARACTERISTICS: Tormod Bakke Johnsen says that he passed the perpetrator when he pulled up his weapons and started firing at the pub Per on the corner. Reporters: Ulf André Andersen & Stig Justad. Photo: Lars Eivind Bones / Dagbladet
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He concludes by sending love to all victims and relatives.

The 47-year-old also shared a video on Instagram on Saturday to talk to his followers about what had happened in Oslo.

- No other choice

– No other choice

Verrett appears clear and determined as he conveys his message to the followers. In the video, he mentions the Oslo shooting as a hate crime, but goes on to say:

– Even if it is not a hate crime or a terrorist attack, it does not matter. There is no room for such behavior on our planet. Yet we see what happened today, because people have not gotten there that they accept themselves and accept other people.

TEARS: Crown Princess Mette-Marit managed not to hold back her tears during the laying of flowers at the scene of the mass shooting in central Oslo. Video: Dagbladet TV / NRK
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– I’m with you

He goes on to say that we as a society have a way to go.

– The only way we can go is up. We must be strong and proud of who we are. I stand with you, because I am one of you. I am a bisexual man who loves you, and I want you to know that I am so sorry for the actions and crimes that have happened to your near and dear ones, says Verrett.

That’s why they came “alone”

During the Instagram video, he writes, among other things:

“Light a candle for everyone in the LGBTQ + community who was killed and injured during the shooting in Norway. We must continue to stand for expression and acceptance on our planet. We must learn to make room for all of God’s creations whether we understand it or not.

HEAVY: Artist Sondre Justad had to stop for a moment when he performed one of his songs in Oslo Cathedral. Video: NRK.
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Durek Verrett ends the message by expressing his love for the Norwegian people:

“I love you in Norway. I love all people ».

Märtha Louise has also taken to Instagram to share her thoughts on the incident.

‘I feel so much right now. I feel anger, frustration and apathy in addition to a great fighting spirit. I usually say we should love everyone, no matter what. But how can we love someone who hurts us so much? Which ruins the 50th anniversary of gay rights to love? Which destroys for life unfoldment and inclusion? I know I do not have so many answers on how we love. And maybe it’s ok “, she begins the post.

- Completely heartbroken

– Completely heartbroken

Likes both women and men

After the relationship with the princess became known, it has emerged that the self-proclaimed shaman has previously been in a relationship with a man.

Verrett found love with masseuse Hank Greenberg from Los Angeles back in 2007 – and was in a relationship with him until 2015.

MASSESKYTING: VGTV profile Morten Hegseth about the incident outside nightclubs in Oslo on the night of Saturday 25 June.
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In an interview with Dagbladet Magasinet in May, Durek Verrett made no secret of the fact that he falls in love with both women and men.

– Am I attracted to men? Yes. Am I attracted to women? Yes, but it’s based on love. There is masculinity and femininity in both women and men, and I stand for love regardless of gender, he said in the interview.

Opens about Durek's orientation

Opens about Durek’s orientation

Verrett believes that his new girlfriend has masculine and feminine sides to her. It makes her difficult to place in a box, which he really appreciates. That is exactly what he feels about himself.

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