The sidewalks at Margonda Depok are “Instagramable”, but… Page all

DEPOK, – The Depok City Government (Pemkot) is currently arranging the sidewalks in Margonda, Depok with the concept instagramable and futuristic. It aims to increase people’s interest in walking.

“This (the arrangement of the sidewalk) is also an effort to attract pedestrians to use the sidewalk. Later it will be equipped with garden lights and benches to add aesthetics,” said Head of the Depok City Transportation Agency, Eko Herwiyanto.

“Our hope is that people can see the pavement instagramableI feel like going on foot,” said Eko.

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Eko said, the revitalization of the Margonda segment III sidewalk aims to meet the needs of persons with disabilities and bicycle users.

This, said Eko, is like the construction of segment I sidewalks that have been equipped with guiding blocks (paths for people with disabilities) and bicycle lanes.

“The sidewalk that we built is accommodation for people with disabilities and bicycle users,” he said.

Nevertheless, the sidewalk revitalization in Depok received a number of criticisms from the public. The Depok City Government is reminded to prioritize the function of a safe and comfortable sidewalk, instead of designing it to be instagramable.

Chairman of the Pedestrian Coalition Alfred Sitorus reminded the Depok City Government (Pemkot) not to repeat the use of materials indoor to revitalize the sidewalks of Jalan Raya Margonda.

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This is because, reflecting on the previous sidewalk construction, some pedestrians slipped because the Depok City Government chose the wrong material.

“So the City of Depok had many cases of early building sidewalks, the pedestrians still slipped because the (city government) chose the wrong materials,” said Alfred in a public discussion entitled “Does Depok Really Need Sidewalks?” which took place virtually, Tuesday (29/11/2022).

Because of that, Alfred reminded the Depok City Government to pay attention to the materials that will be used in revitalizing the sidewalks. This is necessary because to ensure the safety of pedestrians when accessing the sidewalk.

“So it’s not a mistake to build, but choosing the wrong material. So the material used (on the previous sidewalk) was indoor material because building sidewalks has something called safety,” said Alfred.

“So how do people who wear flip-flops wear shoes so they can’t slip on the sidewalk when accessing the sidewalk,” he added.

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Alfred also asked the Depok City Government (Pemkot), not to be afraid to involve the public in revitalizing the sidewalks of Jalan Margonda.

According to him, even though getting the public to participate is quite difficult, the Depok City Government must still do it. This is because public involvement in the construction of facilities is a form of openness to information.

“Public participation is indeed quite tough, but it must be implemented if we are talking about information disclosure,” said Alferd

Furthermore, Alferd said, infrastructure development should indeed involve the public, for example by cooperating with experts or experts to ask for their thoughts.

That way, the Depok City Government and experts and experts can collaborate together in building infrastructure in the City of Depok.

“What is certain is how Depok City can change its communication strategy, so that the many experts and experts who still live in Depok City can help improve its public infrastructure, especially pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure,” said Alferd.

In addition, Alferd assessed that the existence of the surrounding community must also be involved in revitalizing the sidewalks. If this is not done, Alferd is worried that the community will become indifferent because they have never been involved since the planning until the sidewalk revitalization process took place.

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“Don’t let the public not feel involved, in the end the public is ignorant of public facilities that were not involved from the start,” he said.

“At least the residents asked along the way there, when there was a public problem they asked,” he continued.

According to Alferd, the provision of public facilities such as sidewalks is an obligation, regardless of how many residents use them.

“We, the pedestrian coalition, do not talk about compromises regarding the need for or not needing sidewalks. Because sidewalks are a basic need for people to walk, not a basic need for people to drive,” he added.

Integration with bicycles

The general chairman of the Bike to Work Indonesia community, Fahmi Saimima, conveyed the same thing. He hopes that the sidewalk designs built in Depok City can be equipped with bicycle lanes.

According to Fahmi, a sidewalk design like that had already been built in DKI Jakarta under the leadership of DKI Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok.

“Regarding sidewalks that are integrated with bicycle lanes, it’s actually not a strange thing. Because in Jakarta during Pak Ahok’s time, the sidewalks were designed to be wide and complete with bicycle lanes,” said Fahmi

Because of that, the Bike to Work Community has also encouraged the Depok City Government not to hesitate to build sidewalks with the same design. What’s more, regulations allow that to happen.

Fahmi said Government Regulation Number 79 of 2013 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation Networks allows the combination of sidewalks for pedestrians with cyclist activities.

Precisely found in Article 54 Paragraph (2) which reads, “Facilities for bicycles as referred to in Paragraph (1) are in the form of bicycle lanes and/or lanes specially provided for cyclists and/or can be used together with pedestrians”.

“In PP No. 79 of 2013 it is permissible for cyclists to use the sidewalks to use the facilities together by upholding and respecting pedestrians and disabilities first,” said Fahmi.

Efforts to combine pedestrians with cyclists, according to Fahmi, are also part of protecting priority groups on the roads.

“The point of safety is quite important for pedestrians, cyclists and people with disabilities. The state must guarantee safety for road users, especially those who are in priority, in the highest pyramid of the world of transportation or on the highway,” said Fahmi.

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