The signs for the Camino de Santiago are bad and will be changed. scallop shell: You have to turn the scallop that marks the Camino de Santiago | Radio Pontevedra

In many places the open part indicated the direction towards Santiago, but it is wrong. The walkers who entered the Galician community checked how the longest yellow line of the scallop was, the one that indicated the direction to follow next to the arrow. Celestino Lores, president of the Amigos do Camiño Portugués association, explains that When Europe declared the First European Cultural Itinerary in 1987, it established a design with some colors, blue and yellow.

It was in 93 when the Xacobeo technicians decided to change the meaning of the scallop, so that the longest line indicated the route to follow along with the path. Now, already thinking about the next Holy Year, they are changing. The objective is that all the roads in Galicia have the scallop correctly placed in 2021. At this moment, the curiosity is that at points such as A Santiña in Pontevedra, both signs are coinciding.

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The correct signage is the one we see in the photo: looking straight at the scallop shell, its back will be on the left and the “stripes” on the right. In addition, an arrow will appear on the signs indicating the path that the pilgrim must follow.

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